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    Hotel Zur Post Altötting

    Project: Hotel Zur Post Altötting
    Scope of services: Interior design and complete furnishing and design for the renovation of the rooms, suites and corridors in the listed building, as well as the public areas
    Client: VivaPLAN Zur Post Altötting GmbH, Herr Thomas Weidlich
    Architecture: Historic protected building
    Interior design: Bachhuber
    Style: “Historic building and tradition combines elegant design, Italian baroque, stucco and elegance, rustic and modern, solidity, old Bavarian charme and coziness”
    Period: 05/2021 – 11/2021
    Photos / Copyright: VivaPLAN Zur Post Altötting GmbH

  • B0134841

    Euler Neuschönau

    Euler Neuschönau – Nature hotel and Woidhaisl
    Scope of services: Complete furnishing of nature hotel with 21 rooms and the public areas, 6 chalets
    Client: Landgasthof Euler e.K., family Daniela and Roland Mautner
    Architecture / Interior design: Koeberl und Doeringer Architekten
    Style: “Lived hospitality – joie de vivre made easy / nature hotel – close to nature and at the same time modern, chalets as retreats for pure relaxation”
    Period: 05/2021 – 08/2021
    Photos / Copyright: Fotostudio A

  • Bachhuber_Hoteleinrichtungen_hotel-the-niu-belt-eschborn-lobby-01

    the niu Belt Eschborn

    Project: the niu Belt Eschborn
    Service package: Complete furnishing of 259 hotel rooms and public areas
    Owner and operator: NOVUM Hospitality
    Interior Design: Mulderblauw Architects NL
    Style: “A suburban paradise with a casual retro vibe in a cool soft ice cream look – Purist molded wood furniture and textiles with graphic prints celebrate the shapes and colors of the 50s and 60s.”
    Period: 03/2021 to 06/2021
    Photos / Copyright: NOVUM Hospitality, Marcus Klar

  • Bachhuber_Hoteleinrichtungen_hotel-the-niu-form-stuttgart-lobby-05

    the niu Form Stuttgart

    Project: the niu Form Stuttgart
    Service package: Interior design, complete furnishing 182 hotel rooms and public areas
    Owner and operator: NOVUM Hospitality
    Interior Design: Bachhuber
    Style: “Stylish shelter for all kinds of travelers with best access to art, culture and nature”.
    Period: 03/2021 to 05/2021
    Photos / Copyright: NOVUM Hospitality, Marcus Klar

  • Bachhuber_Hoteleinrichtungen_hotel-the-niu-tab-duesseldorf-fruehstuecksraum-restaurant-02

    the niu Tab Düsseldorf

    Project: the niu Tab Düsseldorf
    Service package: Interior design, complete furnishing 438 hotel rooms and public areas
    Owner and operator: NOVUM Hospitality
    Interior Design: Bachhuber
    Style: “Inspired by the trendy district of Little Tokyo, casual style – a hotel for digital nomads, city wanderers and locals”.
    Period: 03/2021 to 06/2021
    Photos / Copyright: NOVUM Hospitality, Marcus Klar

  • hotelausstattung-hoteleinrichtungen-bachhuber-LOOM-Eislingen7

    Buntweberei LOOM

    Project name: Buntweberei Eislingen LOOM Hotel and Skybar
    Scope of services: Interior design, furnishing hotel rooms and public area, Skybar
    Client and our contact: Mr. Andreas Brucker, Mr. Filippo Salvia
    Interior design: Bachhuber
    Style: “The new meeting place in Eislingen for fun & experience, health & pleasure, business & networking with a historical background”
    Total execution period: 11/2020 to 07/2021
    Photos / Copyright: Owner

  • AG-Ems-2021-05-21-019

    Strandhotel Vierjahreszeiten Borkum

    Project name: Strandhotel Vierjahreszeiten, Borkum
    Client and operator: Inselhotel VierJahresZeiten GmbH
    Interior design: Bachhuber
    Style: “Unique nature combined with the fine comfort of a 4-star hotel”.
    Scope of services: Planning and complete furnishing Public areas,
    as well as associated Villa Düne
    Total execution period: 2020 to 05/2021

  • Bachhuber_Hoteleinrichtungen_Buerogebaeude_Bad_Birnbach_3811

    Bachhuber Contract
    new company headquarters, Bad Birnbach

    Project name: Bachhuber Contract, new company headquarters, Bad Birnbach
    Scope of services: Demolition of existing building, new building including contemporary and state-of-the-art technology, own planning and complete furnishing; building, outdoor facilities, historic beer cellar, hop garden
    Client: Rudolf Bachhuber family
    Architecture: Markus Tauber, Bressanone, South Tyrol
    Interior design: Bachhuber
    Style: “Modern architecture blends perfectly into the historic townscape”
    Total execution period: 2019 to 11/2020
    Photos / Copyright: Luminous Hotel Photography

  • Hoteleinrichtungen-hoteleinrichtung-Bachhuber_Cesta_Grand_2

    Aktivhotel & Spa

    Project name: CESTA GRAND Aktivhotel & Spa – Bad Gastein, Austria
    Scope of services : Interior design, furnishing public area, restaurant
    Hotel and our contact person: Mr. Michael Kreipp
    Interior design: Bachhuber
    Style and character: “A house full of elegance and hospitality”
    Total execution period: 04/2021-06/2021
    Photos / Copyright: pics by MN / Bachhuber

  • Superbude-Hotel-Hostel-Bachhuber-Hoteleinrichtungen-5

    Superbude – Hotel . Hostel . Home

    Project: Superbude – Hotel . Hostel . Home
    Service package: Consulting interior design, complete furnishing public areas and all 178 stalls / rooms
    Client and operator: Superbude GmbH, Vienna / Superbude Hotel Hostel Lounge GmbH, Hamburg
    Interior design: Atelier Karasinski and Archiguards, Vienna – in collaboration with Bachhuber
    Character: Colorful and exciting home with 17 different room types / booths to feel good for every category of travelers – just around the corner from the lively Stuwerviertel, in the first row to the Prater – with the claim to be the
    “definitely coolest hotel” in Vienna
    Period: mockup room 2019 until opening in 06/2021
    Photos / Copyright: Superbude, photographer @lousyauber
    Superbude – Hotel . Hostel . Home

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