Europe-wide unique service.

Everything from a single source.

We offer you a development service unique in Europe and, based on the experience of more than 60 years and 900 successful projects, show what really works for you and your hotel.

With our know-how, you can expect a security that is unparalleled throughout Europe even before your own consultation and planning of your modifications. In conceptual design and architectural design, we review every step from start to finish. This includes, for example, room programs, functional concepts, etc. Special feasibility studies in relation to your projects expand our measures. There are fewer interfaces, which facilitates planning phases.

In short, we will spare you many negative surprises during the entire remodeling process.

Consulting service.

Everything from a single source.

Frequently, there is just an idea at the beginning but sometimes there are also specific conceptions of a particular project. Some objects are to be developed right from the start and require an extensive determination of planning context. Yet others need a modern new presentation or maybe just a small change. However, the same applies to all of them. A good consultation and planning service is the basis of success.

Bachhuber supports you during your exciting process to a successful hotel project right from the start. Our team of experts from the fields of project development, architecture and handicraft advise you on all matters and in all stages starting from the first ideas and detailed plans up to their technical implementation. The combination of real estate economists, business economists, tourism experts, engineers and architects is unique in this sector and permits individual custom-made service offers. With this complexity and the experience of more than 900 projects we stand out from our competitors.

Together with our customers and partners we develop feasibility studies, concepts and architectural drafts. We would like our customers to get to know our services without engagement. During a first meeting you can describe your project to give us a better idea of the facts and circumstances and your objectives. Subsequently, you will obtain an informative first consulting service in which we present our ideas, proposals and evaluations. Only if you are convinced of our considerations and contents we will proceed to the next step for a joint collaboration.


Everything from a single source.

In cooperation with our pool of international architects we prepare a competent draft based on a basic evaluation at the beginning of each project. You will find the complete scope of services described in it, taking all relevant factors into account. It is based on execution plans and schedules, furnishing standards as well as on official regulations. During the conception stage we pay attention to a successful combination of functionality, attractive design, pleasant atmosphere and a distinctive USP to achieve sustainable significance and timeless ambience. Subsequently, we work out the details of our drafts. In ichnographies and view drawings we show a first project overview for all floors and areas. Finishings and furnishing are already depicted here schematically in order to give a first impression of the final ambience.

After the discussion, customization and revision of these basic plans in detail with our customer, we prepare coloured perspective sketches or computer-generated images. Modern realistic 3-D visualisations allow us to give you a detailed graphical representation of your finished project. You will see a general view of the interior design with all its colours, shapes and proportions.

Through this comprehensive demonstration you will be able to take in the ambience, evaluate it and make corrections, if necessary. In addition to these drawings and 3-D-images we will provide you with collages of the different materials for each single furnishing theme. With a combined overview of the original material samples, you, will receive a detailed impression of the atmosphere and value of the furnishing. Experience it with all your senses! In fact, it is not only the appearance that is of importance. A material that is used in close contact with people should be pleasant to touch and suitable for object use.

Project management.

Everything from a single source.

Finally, we are ready to start. In order to have a structured sequence of actions carried out as scheduled, we assume the control and timing of all involved works. Therefore, we draw up binding execution plans and schedules in advance. Our master craftsmen and engineers draw up detailed construction plans which all craftsmen have to follow properly. They include all instructions that are required to construct or modify the building. They describe the dimensions or material as well as the specific technical requirements, e.g. fire safety requirements.

In order to assure an efficient cooperation of craftsmen, authorities and ongoing hotel business all actions must be planned thoroughly in advance. Therefore, we develop a precise time schedule with our customers that schedules exact and binding time frames for all parties. The single work steps of all works are mapped on a timeline. Some phases can overlap; others succeed directly or shortly afterwards. The construction phase is represented simply and clearly in order to facilitate its organisation for the contractee as well as for us.

In order to have a smooth sequence of works at the construction site every project is supervised by its own project manager. He attends to the perfect and smooth execution of the works throughout the construction phase. Thanks to a high-level craftsmanship and extensive project experience he is the competent contact person for your building project.


Everything from a single source.

We produce high-quality bespoke finishings and furnishing in our own carpenter’s workshops. Experienced and highly qualified craftsmen manufacture high quality products which meet the high requirements of public interiors. Our master joiner, carpenters and wood technicians are well-versed in their craft and passionate about their work. That becomes evident in all products and details. Outstanding quality and latest technical equipment assure value and functionality. This applies to sophisticated interior design as well as to extensive programs of standard furniture or exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces. Our range spans from traditional country house style to luxurious Boutique Hotels. We would be pleased to welcome you to our production sites in Bavaria and show you how we manufacture your furniture. Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our skilled crafts and trade and our motivated and talented team.

Professional assembly teams carry out the assembly work on site. A technical supervisor is responsible for fast professional workflow in due time. He attends to the assignment and monitoring of all technical crews. He is in charge of all relevant construction works provided by painters, floor layers, plumbers, electricians and carpenters. At the same time he acts as the customer’s contact person. In this way, you always have an expert on your side who gives you intelligible information on the current stage of completion and directly communicates possible change request.

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