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Bachhuber is still strengthening the virtues on which the company has been based for 50 years: classiness, quality and innovative thinking. It is thanks to Rudolf Bachhuber sen. that the carpenter’s shop he founded in 1962 has become one of the most successful interior design companies of the region. He was amongst the first to abandon the standardised shades of brown and beige in order to pursue a hitherto hardly known line in the field of interior design. The new style was characterised by fresh colours and clear and elegant shapes. This courageous decision proved to be the start of a continuously growing success story. In the mid-90s, Bachhuber began to furnish modern design hotels and impressed even customers from afar.

With his visionary thinking and creativity, his son Rudolf has been defining the history of the company since 1989. Under his direction, the company became even more established as a competent partner in interior hotel design and hotel development. Thanks to a joint venture with the company hotelknowhow, Bachhuber achieved a unique position. The combination of interior designers, hotel managers and business economists makes it possible to realize new projects – from the first idea to the handover of the hotel. Today Bachhuber is one of the most prestigious general contractors of the industry. After 60 years of experience and 900 projects, it will continue its course to success.
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