As a family-owned business we have experienced a lot within the course of the 60 years of our history. This has strengthened us and made us competent, knowledgeable and open-minded when interacting with other people and their visions. We love ideas, challenges and discovering new possibilities. In each single project we try to find the perfect balance between calculation, creativity and realization. With our detailed knowledge of the industry and a well-communicating pool of experts we know the hazards and risks of the business. They frequently emerge after several years. Therefore, we check and evaluate every project carefully considering the facts, accurately and clearly. Only sustainability can be convincing – we as the general contractors in charge as well as, of course, our customers who trust in our services. A fair and constructive partnership with our customers as well as with our cooperating companies is an important guiding principle of our entrepreneurial behaviour.

We are convinced that the architectural environment has an impact on people’s work, home and whilst travelling. Accurate planning, a harmonious design and a top-quality realization decide on clientele, pricing and customer acceptance.

However, quality and a good design will not only guarantee long-lasting significance. They also reflect the commitment of the people who have developed them. This positive aura differentiates good projects from inferior ones.

Every one of our employees is committed to his task and feels obliged to the respective project – if necessary, even around the clock, which is standard practice for hotel projects. We consider ourselves a reliable partner on a path we have already walked many times before. We know the sticking points as well as the shortcuts. We are alert, act with great experience and focus on the individual requirements and impacts.

Commitment and responsibility are amongst the key values of our company. For this purpose, we gain strength from our successfully realised projects. The positive feedback from our customers confirms our attitude and thus increases our passion for new challenges.

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