”The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.” John Ruskin

Accordingly, we attach great importance to our good reputation. Therefore, our corporate philosophy is based on fairness and transparency. Along with our quotations, you receive guaranteed prices. Based on the applicable laws and regulations in different countries, we assure you set time limits, deadlines, terms, design features and, of course, warranties.

When selecting subcontractors and partners our highly qualified team is strictly attentive to reliability and excellent quality. Thank to our long lasting collaboration and many joint projects we have a stable and reliable network of experienced experts in the fields of handicraft, design and business administration.

We treat all our projects with the utmost care since any kind of building activity is a new and unfamiliar situation for the contractee. We are aware of that – and therefore we do our best to keep our presence in the hotel as pleasant and well-adapted and, of course, as short as necessary.

Our project managers attach much value observing the set schedule by all technical crews. This guarantees an efficient and smooth workflow, which is clear and calculable both for our customers and for us. For any kind of construction site activity there is a series of official regulations that we respect and observe. We are regularly reviewed by specially trained safety coordinators. Since we do not want to disturb your operating business and in order to observe the local rest periods we set binding working and noise hours.

For us and for the companies commissioned by us, it goes without saying that all staff members leave their projects tidily, broom-clean and exactly as planned. We hand over our work in perfect condition. This includes the execution of the works, cleanliness as well as their function.

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